Opportunity. Hope. Transformation.

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Esperanza has been in the business of providing opportunities for more than 30 years! Together with your support, we ensure that an abundance of opportunities are available to children and families across the communities we serve.

At just 15-years-old, Mateo boasts first-place winnings in local, state, and international chess competitions. Loved by his peers, Mateo uses the things he has learned at Esperanza Academy to lift others up and pay it forward – “I feel like thanks to Esperanza I was given this mentality of not just surviving for myself. Once you show that you can achieve things, show that you can help others achieve things.”


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Mateo and the students like him at Esperanza Academy, embody the spirit of hope that lives in each of our hearts, pushing us forward even in the hardest of times, striving to achieve our dreams while supporting the goals of others. Mateo’s dedication to his classmates is inspiring.

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