Latina Lawyers Encourage Esperanza Students

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With the purpose of empowering and educating our students with tools for success in their future careers, Esperanza welcomed six women from the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) along with Esperanza’s Immigration Legal Services (EILS) board member, Beth Morales Singh last Sept. 6, 2018. 

On their way to deliver their remarks to the Esperanza Academy students, the practicing lawyers from HNBA visited the Esperanza offices and learned more about our mission and programs.

After the tour, guided by Rev. Danny Cortés, they entered the EA auditorium full of hopeful students for whom they only had encouragement and guidance.


They admitted the process of applying to law school can be very lonely and hard. But they also told students to seek for mentors, to take advantage of the available resources, and not to self-select themselves out of the process.

“If we made it, you can make it”, said Alba Cruz, COO and Executive Director of HNBA.