“Providing Communities with Housing Options”

Esperanza became a HUD National Intermediary in 2009. Since then, we have provided support to a strong and growing network of nonprofit counseling agencies across the country. We are committed to ensuring the success of our affiliate agencies as they serve their local communities with grant assessment, training, sub-awards, and technical assistance. Our national housing network has assisted more than 2 million homeowners for more than a decade.
The Need

Housing Counseling Organizations are needed in our communities. The people around you are in need of pre-purchase advice, credit repair, financial literacy, rental counseling, home repair programs, foreclosure intervention, and protection from the many mortgage and financial scams offered by predators in our neighborhoods. With help from Esperanza we can share the steps on how to begin serving your neighborhood and growing this opportunity.

What it takes

Housing Counseling is a service that is regulated by the federal government through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Like all government services it means there are regulations to follow and reports to file. The process is involved but not impossible.

Participants interested must be a 501(c)3 no profit organization in good standing with your state, must have successfully administered a housing counseling program for at least one year, must have a counselor that has passed the HUD Housing Counselor Certification Exam prior to application submission, must have sufficient resources to implement its proposed counseling plan.


There are multiple ways in which an organization may be funded through Esperanza. As a part of our network, your organization may qualify for HUD and other available National funds.

Housing Counseling

The American Dream has historically been linked with home ownership. Whether it’s a single-family home with a white picket fence, a ranch, modular home, or a row home in the city, owning where we live personifies success for many. Yet for the vast majority of the people we serve in our communities, owning a home seems far off. For some renting, qualifying to rent or keeping their homes seem to be a frequent challenge with today’s economy.

Join us as a Housing Counseling affiliate and share our values.

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