Become a Housing Counseling Affiliate Agency with Esperanza!

Esperanza (legal name Nueva Esperanza, Inc. also DBA NEI) provides support to a network of housing counseling agencies across the county. As a Housing Counseling HUD-Approved Intermediary, we provide advocacy, education, development, partnership and technical support to agencies delivering housing counseling services. We strengthen communities through a comprehensive revitalization approach that empowers homeowners and renters to make responsible choices to address their unique housing needs. Esperanza’s national housing counseling network has assisted more than 1.5 million homeowners and renters over more than a decade.

Housing Counseling HUD-Approved Intermediaries and State Housing Finance Agencies – HUD Exchange

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In 2009, NEI was certified by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a National Housing Counseling Intermediary.

Homeownership is a key wealth creator in America. Yet, families in communities across the country face a variety of barriers to owning a home, such as fear of the purchasing process, credit history problems, and predatory lending. By providing housing counseling, your organization can help families overcome these barriers and purchase a home of their own.

Our affiliates help families understand the home purchasing process, money management and credit, how to avoid predatory lending, and they encourage lenders and other housing organizations to make homeownership possible for people who need lower down payments and more flexible underwriting than permitted by the conventional market.

Our Success

Since the program’s inception, we have provided housing counseling to over 30,000 families locally and around the country. Our affiliates help individuals avoid becoming victims of predatory lending practices, home foreclosures and rescue scams, and landlord deceitful practices. Check out our latest data!

How We Operate

Our National HUD affiliates are an extension of Nueva Esperanza Housing team and become HUD approved agencies through us. In addition, NEI is committed to build your capacity and support their achievement of our common mission.  Within our National HUD affiliate network, we train your agency and branches housing staff to deliver the same breadth and scope of services with the same level of quality. We also help build the organizational infrastructure of each agency so we can ensure its long-term sustainability and effectiveness, including awarding sub-grant funds to help them grow.


Why Should You Consider Becoming our Sub-grantee

As an organization deeply committed to your community, you are uniquely equipped to meet the demands of the current housing industry by increasing homeownership or assisting those at risk of foreclosure by becoming a HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Agency thru Nueva Esperanza, Inc. (NEI).

Becoming a HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Agency through NEI offers your organization a couple of important advantages. HUD approval is required to apply to HUD’s $40 million Housing Counseling Grant Program, and it gives you credibility in your community with partners, lenders, and the families you serve in your community.

Becoming a HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Agency can be achieved through the following BASIC STEPS:

  1. Have a 501(C) (3) Tax Exempt Status
  2. Experience. Evaluate your present program structure. You must have a record of accomplishment of running a successful housing counselling program for at least one year to be HUD-approved through NEI.
  3. Resources. The agency must have evidence of: a) other finding to cover one year of the cost of operating the housing counseling work during the initial period of NEI approval participation; b) a Counselor.
  4. Housing Counseling Work Plan. Develop a clear, concise and comprehensive housing counseling and education program. Identify the services you will offer, the needs of the community you will be serving, and the ways you will reach potential clients. Describe anticipated results (outcomes) to achieve within the period of initial approval.
  5. Community Resources. Demonstrate that the agency has established working relationships with private and public community resources to which it can refer clients who need help the agency cannot offer.
  6. State and Local Requirements. Agency has to meet all the state and local requirements for its operation.
  7. Facilities. a) Agency have a clearly and properly identified office, with privacy for in-person counseling space available for the housing services. There must be permanent signage identifying the housing counseling office; b) The office should operate during normal business hours; c) Provide accessibility features or make alternate accommodations for persons with disabilities.