“Greater Love Has No Man” A Word of Gratitude to Veterans

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CAPTAIN Emilio Marrero, Jr., Chaplain Corps, US Navy (Retired)

What is a Veteran? A Veteran is a person who completed some length of service in the military. Some served for a short term of up to 4 years while others devoted their lives to completing a career of 20 to 30 years. Some Veterans served during peacetime, some served during war and many served during both.

Some say that a Veteran is one who wrote a blank check with their lives as currency and gave it to their country for a period of service. This is captivating because it is very true. A Veteran is one who served in uniform and placed no restrictions on their service. They went where the country demanded, served whomever the country ordered, and sacrificed when the country asked. They served freely as the country demanded with no limits often while having to leave behind their family and personal agendas.

Today our nation calls our Veterans heroes, even though many Veterans will openly tell you that they are not heroes. These Veterans realize that what while they may have given much, they did not give all. There are those who gave everything and when the check was cashed it meant paying with their life. To those who have served, those who died in service are the full epitome of heroes. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13).

Yet, on Veterans Day we recognize all Veterans because they have all given much, they have all sacrificed, and they have been selfless in how they have all answered the call of duty when called upon. That spirit of sacrifice, duty and service in them is what we recognize on this day. It is the spirit we wish to emulate.

In their honor, we encourage you to thank a Veteran for their service. In light of their example, we encourage you to set aside your own agenda for a day and serve someone in need.