Ologundê: Afro-Brazilian Music & Dance

Teatro Esperanza 4261 N 5th Street, Philadephia, PA, United States

Esperanza Arts Center presents a special streamed presentation of Ologundê’s entertaining and electric live 2019 performance at Teatro Esperanza. Ologundê ensemble celebrates the rich Afro-Brazilian culture of Salvador, Bahia through a diverse repertoire of music, dance and martial arts. Comprised of Brazilians living in the United States and Brazil, the ensemble includes former members of world-renowned music and dance troupes...


Remojo Remixed

Teatro Esperanza 4261 N 5th Street, Philadephia, PA, United States

REMOJO  REMOJO, Pregones/PRTT’s sneak peek at works in progress goes digital, giving audiences a chance to get up close and personal with Latinx theater, music, dance, and film/media artists.  Enrico Caruso and other Disasters  Or, Precious Quiet Things I Call My Own. A bilingual tribute to acclaimed Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano, crafted in the singer-songwriter style of...


Plena Libre

Teatro Esperanza 4261 N 5th Street, Philadephia, PA, United States

“A mad weave of polyrhythms that simply sizzle.” - The Boston Herald Spend an evening with the four-time Grammy award-winning virtuoso musicians of Plena Libre – first in an intimate and entertaining introduction to Plena and Bomba exclusively from the Teatro Esperanza archives – then, experience Plena Libre in full regalia with selections from their...


Ensemble Murgier

Ensemble Murgier Led by Argentine musical polymath and composer, Pablo Murgier, Ensemble Murgier represents a meeting point between avant-garde tango, jazz, and Latin American popular music. In their musical explorations, the Ensemble projects itself onto the map of Latin America. The trajectories of each individual musician allows the sextet to perform intimate chamber music without...

Virtual Minorities in Health Sciences Symposium 2020

Esperanza College of Eastern University 4261 N 5th St, Philadelphia, PA, United States

https://esperanza.salsalabs.org/ScienceSymposium All participants must register to attend: https://esperanza.salsalabs.org/ScienceSymposium The link to the virtual event will be sent on the morning of Friday, Oct 16th, be sure to check your email for the link to the event! 


Free COVID-19 Testing

Esperanza's Parking Lot 4261 N 5th St, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Bodas de Sangre, Episode 3

Bodas de Sangre  Teatro Quarantine  Episode 3    Directed by Tanaquil Márquez, assistant directed by Yajaira Paredes and edited by Gagik Arshak. Starring Yajaira Paredes, Joel Guerrero, Arianne Bracho Hernandez, Tanaquil Márquez y Anthony Diaz.    Esta noche new characters come into play when both wedding parties meet.  ___________________________________________________________________ Frederico Garcia Lorca’s BODAS DE SANGRE   Teatro Quarantine  Esperanza Arts Center presents Teatro Quarantine’s production of Lorca’s seminal...

Ciencia, Fe y Esperanza Summit

Come and join us for an exciting discussion around science, faith, and our responsibilities as God's people today! Apply Now!

Bodas de Sangre, Episode 4

Bodas de Sangre Teatro Quarantine Episode 4     Bodas de Sangre Act II. Starring Yajaira Paredes, Arianne Bracho, Joel Guerrero, Lorenza Bernasconi, Daniel Melo, Anthony Diaz, Betsai Gomez, Krystal Rosa, and Emily Fernandez. With cameos by Victor Rodriguez, Estella Felder, Gustavo Luna, Mario Segovia, Lici Gomez, David Gomez, Gael Gomez, and  Katarina Gomez. Directed by Tanaquil Márquez, assistant-directed by Yajaira Paredes and edited by Gagik Ashark, with music by Daniel de Jesús.   Esta noche you are invited to the wedding of La Novia y El Novio!...

Bodas de Sangre, Episode 5

Bodas de Sangre Teatro Quarantine Episode 5   Starring Yajaira Paredes, Arianne Bracho, Tanaquil Márquez, Victor Rodriguez, Lorenza Bernasconi, Daniel Melo, Anthony Diaz, Krystal Rosa, and Emily Fernandez. Directed by Tanaquil Márquez and edited by Gagik Ashark.   Esta noche tension builds with the newlyweds, their families, and bloodlines. Boundaries are crossed and an impulse decision unravels a lifetime of regret.   ___________________________________________________________________ Frederico Garcia Lorca’s BODAS...