English Language Learners at Esperanza Academy Experience Everyday Success

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In the next couple of months, Esperanza will be working hard to to improve the lives of children in Hunting Park by proving that an Esperanza education is like no other in North Philadelphia. We are dedicated to empowering Hispanic communities through education, and one way we hope to do this is by completing our educational pipeline to provide a seamless learning experience from Kindergarten to College. We already have Esperanza Academy Charter High School and Middle School as well as Esperanza College, but we know that primary grades are the most critical learning years in any child’s life. Show your support to make #EsperanzaElementary a reality for children in Hunting Park. Share your stories about why an #EsperanzaEducation can make all the difference!

Esperanza Academy Charter High School teacher Justin Grow experienced something last year that many educators get to experience during their careers, but doesn’t get talked about nearly often enough. He saw the potential of a student become a reality.

This is his story:

“One of my British Literature students recently showed me a worn piece of paper, a diagnostic writing sample she had written as a new immigrant from DR [Dominican Republic]. Reading it, I couldn’t make out any of the words. Laughing, she explained what each word was supposed to be. This student is now reading Shakespeare, has one of the top grades in her English class, and is one of the top 20 students in the senior class overall!”

At Esperanza, we get to see success stories like this every day, because our team is incredibly talented, dedicated, and passionate about strengthening Hispanic communities. We know the potential of every person in Hunting Park, and we don’t just create the hope to reach that potential. We create the means to make those hopes realities.

At Esperanza Academy, nineteen percent (19%) of all students are English Language Learners. Stories like these are the every day wins that contribute to our schools’ proven track record of success with students who, on average, do not have high rates of academic achievement. That is the difference that an #EsperanzaEducation makes.