Celebrate National Mentoring Month, Register for NHPB 2015!

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The 2015 National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast will give you the chance to have a discussion about the needs of our youth with other Christians from around the country.

We’ll talk about different kinds of mentoring – both formal and informal – and also take a look at Esperanza’s successful and nationally-recognized Real Time Mentoring program to determine what practices could be transferred to your church or community. An expert evaluation of the Real Time program showed that mentoring provides a safe, nurturing space where young people develop positive relationships so that they can plan for and feel good about their future.

It’s our responsibility to provide spiritual guidance and support to our youth, both inside the church and out in the community. At this year’s National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast, let’s talk about meeting the needs of our youth and nurturing the next generation.

Register for NHPB 2015 today!