Esperanza Statement on Capitol Building Events

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Dear Esperanza family 

This past week, our government faced a violent attempt to interrupt the peaceful transfer of power that is so essential to our democracy. We know that this violence has no place in our nation. We denounce the racial rhetoric that has emboldened these actions.  

Americans turned out in record numbers to participate in the election and actively use their voices to effect change through constructive means each day. We are particularly proud of the ways our own Hunting Park neighborhood and Hispanics across the United States turned out to vote. It is critical that we continue to use our voices to foster a healthy democracy and that we take a stand against hatred and violence.  

Through the challenges and upheaval we have seen, Esperanza will continue to promote civic engagement to keep our community informed and empowered. We know that our neighbors are our strength and that there is hope as we work together for a stronger future.   

We will continue to educate and equip the future leaders of tomorrow, as our graduates impact various sectors of the workforce; as our community-level ambassadors plant trees; as local small business owners and immigrants press on towards their goals and dreams; and as clergy continue to meet the needs that cross their doors.  

Together, we can continue to build a community, and a nation, where we all aspire to live.   

Rev. Luis Cortés Jr.  






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