#YoSoyLaCara beyond Hispanic Heritage Month

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What it means to be Hispanic in the United States is changing. As our population grows and our ability to affect change increases, we can look back at the accomplishments of our people and be proud. We are creating markets for ourselves in media as well as increased access to the benefits of capitalism. In many battleground states, our decisions have become the determining factor to the outcomes of elections.

Hispanic achievements cannot be contained to just one month of the year, but the Hispanic influence can be felt in all sectors, during all quarters, every month of the year. We have a lot to be proud of and that’s why we must remain the face of our community beyond Hispanic Heritage Month.

#YoSoyLaCara has brought to light the amazing endeavors taken on by Latinos across the greater Philadelphia region. A real estate agent helps people find their home; an entrepreneur hopes to bring Latino-run business to South Jersey; faith leaders represent their congregations; a dance team stays true to their cultural roots; musicians hone the skills of local youth.

Every day, Latinos make a difference in their community and are proud of what they do.

Are you proud?

For all the progress that is yet to be made, there is a long road of struggle and success from where we came. Share your story, show your proud faces, and join the campaign that carries Latino pride beyond Hispanic Heritage Month.

In September, Esperanza launched a campaign in order to promote community pride in the Hunting Park area. Banners have been mounted around the 5th Street Corridor region of North Philadelphia displaying influential members of our community including, local business owners, students, and religious leaders. The message encourages individuals to post “selfies” via social media with the hashtag #YoSoyLaCara in order to represent that they are proud to be “the face” of their community. The campaign has since grown beyond Hunting Park and has garnered support from community leaders across the region.

To join this campaign, post your picture, by yourself or with a group, to FacebookTwitter or Instagram with the hashtag #YoSoyLaCara and join others who represent their community with pride.