Wells Fargo Brings Volunteers and Festivities to Hunting Park Community

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On Saturday, May 9, Wells Fargo contributed its company’s time, talent, and resources to the revitalization of the Hunting Park community as part of its annual Day of Service.  Over 1,000 employees of the bank, combined with 250 youth from the City Year program, spent their Saturday completing a variety of improvements around the neighborhood.  Some teams focused on the park, where they cleaned and painted the exterior of the historic Logan House, picked up trash, and attended to mulching and planting gardens.  Another team focused on McClure Elementary School at 6th and Hunting Park, where they painted colorful murals in hallways, renovated the teachers’ lounge, an beautified the schoolyard.  Wells Fargo also hired professional contractors to perform some heavier work, such as installing a new rubber floor in the school gymnasium and installing new playground equipment outside.  The work instantly improved the appearance and feel of the 105-year old building, which students marveled at when they returned to school the following Monday.  While Wells Fargo employees were diligently working around the community, the company also hosted a fair for families in the nearby park.  Parents and children enjoyed free food, face-painting, music, community resource tables, and rides in the horse-drawn Wells Fargo stagecoach.  At the end of the day, Wells Fargo Regional President Greg Redden joined local elected officials and McClure Elementary staff for a ribbon-cutting event on the school property.

The Day of Service was the latest in a series of investments that Wells Fargo and the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation (WFRF) have made in the Hunting Park community.  From 2011-2012, a grant from WFRF provided Esperanza with the funds to create Hunting Park’s 10-year Strategic Plan.  This was soon followed by a generous 5-year, $681,000 Plan Implementation grant to Esperanza, which has funded popular programs such as NeighborCare, Family Fun Nights, and small business façade improvement grants.  In 2014, Wells Fargo’s Wyoming Branch provided an additional $1,000 grant to Esperanza to support its general operations in the community.   All of these contributions have directly impacted the lives of children and families in Hunting Park, creating measurable changes at the block level and in shared spaces.  Esperanza thanks Wells Fargo and the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation for its years of support for our community!