Mujeres de Esperanza Celebrate 10 Years of Prayer, Service and Advocacy

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October 2, 2014.  Mujeres de Esperanza, a ministry of the premiere Hispanic evangelical network in the United States, Esperanza, Inc., is celebrating 10 years of service to the Christian community.

To commemorate this accomplishment, a special event will be held that will bring together artists of national and international esteem, including 5-time Latin Grammy winner Marcos Witt and widely recognized “pslamists” Julissa and Jessica Nuñez. The event will also feature Rev. Marilyn Hartman as a special guest speaker.

“I am very happy to contribute to the mission of Mujeres de Esperanza and assembling together all women, regardless of age, to worship God on the occasion of the celebration of 10 years of work, ” commented Jessica Nuñez who will be celebrating their recent successes in the event.

As part of the celebration, Mujeres de Esperanza will be releasing a commemorative CD entitled “Somos Una Voz.”

“This CD compiles the voices of 12 Christian artists who have donated their talents to further the mission of Mujeres de Esperanza,” commented Miriam Witt, co -chair of the Board of Mujeres the Esperanza, “For us, the most important thing about this event is celebrating as women who are united to praise our Lord through prayer, service, and advocacy for the cause of His great faithfulness.”

The celebration called “Festival de Esperanza” will be held on Thursday, October 2 at the Esperanza Center, 191 W. Hunting Park Avenue from 7 pm to 9 pm and is completely free to the entire community.


Mujeres de Esperanza is a national ministry of Esperanza, Inc. founded by Miriam Witt and Damaris Cortes. Mujeres de Esperanza was established to create a vehicle to mobilize Hispanic women to join in prayer, service, and advocacy – for you family, your community, your ministries, education, business, media, art, and political leaders from all parties.

Esperanza, the premiere Hispanic Evangelical faith-based network in the country, was founded in 1987 by the Reverend Luis Cortés Jr. and the Hispanic Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity. With a national network of over 13,000 Hispanic congregations, faith and community based agencies, Esperanza is a leading voice for Hispanics in America. To read more, please visit www.esperanza.us.