More than Ever Before…

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Immigrants need our support.  Our immigration system has been broken for far too longcausing tremendous educational inequality and wealth disparity in our communities. This is an opportune time to examine the causes of systemic injustices, and to work together to identify concrete, actionable solutions. It is our responsibility to hold our elected officials accountable to our needs, and we can do so by continuing to raise the issues, engage in civil discourse and direct philanthropic investments towards these goals.

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At Esperanza Immigration Legal Services, we are committed to supporting immigrants.  Our immigrant families are concerned about their futures, and we provide the education and legal services to meet their evolving needs.

Please join us.  Your gift today will help to alleviate the fears of immigrant families struggling in our community. Together we are strong and able to offer generous support to these hardworking people hopeful for a better and bright future.

Our Model:

We provide affordable and culturally accessible legal services to low-income immigrants and their families in the heart of a low-income Latino neighborhood in North Philadelphia, including self-petitions for victims of domestic violence, special visas for unaccompanied minors, green card applications, family petitions and naturalization applications. We also conduct citizenship classes to prepare eligible candidates for the citizenship exam, an annual “Citizenship Day,” and workshops on financial literacy, emergency preparedness and other topics.

What we have achieved:

Since its founding, EILS has served more than 800 low-income immigrants with legal services, and 1,500 immigrants in educational workshops. We have helped naturalize 180 new American citizens!

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