Learn How to Start or Strengthen Your Youth Ministry at ECI 2015

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We’ve all grown into healthy adults because someone else believed and invested in us. This year we are providing a new and exciting Youth Ministry track for children and youth ministry leaders. Join us in learning how to better nurture our young men and help our young women become the beautiful pillars of our community, at the Esperanza Capacity Institute.

Youth Ministry Development

Help Me! How to Start a Youth Ministry in My Church: Esperanza’s Youth Leadership Development Program under the leadership of Pastor Ruben Ortiz will be bringing leaders together to look at the intentional development of Youth Leaders in our community. Participate in this exciting workshop with Rev. Ruben Ortiz on October 28th at 10 AM.

Being Real: Foundations for Incarnational Youth MinistryYouth Ministry is about making a deep impact in the lives of our youth. This workshop explores what it means to provide a deeply genuine approach to Youth Ministry through the Incarnational Model, join Nes Espinosa the Executive Director of Timoteo Inc. a mentoring and discipleship ministry on October 28th at 1 PM.

There’s An App for That: Using Technology to Reach Young People. How can youth leaders leverage social media to access and engage their young people?  The facilitator will share his expertise in the profit and nonprofit sector to enhance your youth ministry skills. This workshop will be led by Pablo Otaola, Southwest Director of Young Life Denver, CO. October 28th at 3 PM.

Wheres the $$: How to Raise Money For Your Youth Ministry. Let’s explore what it means to grow and fund a successful youth ministry program in your church.  Join Pablo Otaola on October 29th at 10 AM.

Is Philly the Next Ferguson? How Youth Ministry Can Respond to Crisis. What is the undercurrent culture of our youth? How is the culture impacting youth? How can youth impact the culture? Join us for an honest conversation and exploration of how we can help our Youth to be part of the solution and not the problem. Join Natalie Martinez on October 29th at 1:30 PM.

The Future is Now: Designing a Youth Ministry Model for the 21st Century: Are you looking for ways to make your youth program relevant? Is your youth model based on the success of a model from 20 years ago? Don’t leave the institute early! Join this group and study with Rev. Ruben Ortiz on how to design a Youth Ministry Model for the 21st Century on October 29th at 3:15 PM.

Special Plenaries:

The Barrio Youth Initiative

Pastor Ruben Ortiz will speak to the development of the Esperanza Youth Barrio Initiative, a new program aiming to serve as a key influencer and shaper for future Youth Leaders in Christian ministry. This session will be a short session on October 28 at 4:45 PM.

Fund Raising & Networking

The Esperanza Development Department will share ideas and approaches to developing interest in your organization through networking and fund raising. This session will be on October 29 at 9 AM.