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Bodas de Sangre, Episode 4

Bodas de Sangre Teatro Quarantine Episode 4     Bodas de Sangre Act II. Starring Yajaira Paredes, Arianne Bracho, Joel Guerrero, Lorenza Bernasconi, Daniel Melo, Anthony Diaz, Betsai Gomez, Krystal Rosa, and Emily Fernandez. With cameos by Victor Rodriguez, Estella Felder, Gustavo Luna, Mario Segovia, Lici Gomez, David Gomez, Gael Gomez, and  Katarina Gomez. Directed by Tanaquil Márquez, assistant-directed by Yajaira Paredes and edited by Gagik Ashark, with music by Daniel de Jesús.   Esta noche you are invited to the wedding of La Novia y El Novio!...

Bodas de Sangre, Episode 5

Bodas de Sangre Teatro Quarantine Episode 5   Starring Yajaira Paredes, Arianne Bracho, Tanaquil Márquez, Victor Rodriguez, Lorenza Bernasconi, Daniel Melo, Anthony Diaz, Krystal Rosa, and Emily Fernandez. Directed by Tanaquil Márquez and edited by Gagik Ashark.   Esta noche tension builds with the newlyweds, their families, and bloodlines. Boundaries are crossed and an impulse decision unravels a lifetime of regret.   ___________________________________________________________________ Frederico Garcia Lorca’s BODAS...

Bodas de Sangre, Episode 6

Bodas de Sangre Teatro Quarantine Episode 6   Bodas de Sangre Act III. Starring William Márquez, Isabel Sazak, Daniel de Jesus, Tanaquil Márquez, Daniel Melo y Anthony Diaz. Directed by Tanaquil Márquez and edited by Gagik Ashark.   Esta noche La Novia y Leonardo escapes into the forest, tragedy follows as La Luna y La Bendiga intervene.  ___________________________________________________________________ Frederico Garcia Lorca’s BODAS DE SANGRE   Teatro Quarantine  Esperanza Arts...

Bodas de Sangre, Episode 7

Bodas de Sangre Teatro Quarantine Episode 7   Starring Yajaira Paredes, Arianne Bracho, Tanaquil Márquez, Lorenza Bernasconi, Daniela Malave, Betsai Gomez, Daniel de Jesus, Krystal Rosa, and Emily Fernandez. Directed by Tanaquil Márquez and edited by Gagik Ashark.   Esta noche La Novia confronts La Madre as the women in the village enter to pay their respects. Now it is time for La Madre to make a decision, what will she...


Brazilian Jazz: Bossa Nova and Samba  Esperanza Arts Center presents Philadelphia’s own Minas as part of Voces 2021 featuring live-streamed performances that spotlight the arts and culture of Brazil.  Led by Orlando and Patricia Haddad, Minas’ impact on the Philadelphia music and cultural scene has been a constant since 1984, when the couple moved from...


Esperanza Grant Writing Workshop

Esperanza National Programs is hosting a Grant Writing Workshop on Wednesday, April 28th. Join the Esperanza Grant Writing Workshop for best practices and tips on how to apply for grants, as well as more information about the Esperanza Hispanic Ministry Small Grants fund. Register here: https://tinyurl.com/etwmb



Esperanza National Programs and EHED are hosting a Power Talks - Financial Literacy, April 28th @6 P.M. Join the conversation to learn and talk through good financial practices as well as planning for the future. Register here: https://form.jotform.com/211025462978155


Hope For New Citizens

Join us as we celebrate more than a decade of service to immigrants in the heart of North Philadelphia, the stories of lives transformed, and raise support for naturalization services. Together, we can ensure that opportunity, justice and hope remain available for new citizens!