Esperanza Partners with Fox Chase Cancer Center to Bring STEM Education to Hunting Park

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In the next month, Esperanza will be working hard to to improve the lives of children in Hunting Park by proving that an Esperanza education is like no other in North Philadelphia. We are dedicated to empowering Hispanic communities through education, and one way we hope to do this is by completing our educational pipeline to provide a seamless learning experience from Kindergarten to College. We already have Esperanza Academy Charter High School and Middle School as well as Esperanza College, but we know that primary grades are the most critical learning years in any child’s life. Show your support to make #EsperanzaElementary a reality for children in Hunting Park. Share your stories about why an #EsperanzaEducation can make all the difference!

In June, a lucky group of high-schoolers attended the Fox Chase Cancer Center Immersion Science Program at Esperanza College for a week of fun, facts, and fruit flies!

The week served as a “boot camp” to lab basics, where students conducted an experiment to see how junk food vs. healthy food effects the way fruit flies live and reproduce. This way, they saw the effect of diet on cell division in order to draw parallels between fruit fly and human genes. Immersion Science Program Coordinator Dara Ruiz-Whalen and her colleagues helped students learn important lab skills such as precision, coordination, pipetting, and screening in order to create and monitor their lab experiments.

This is yet another way that Esperanza College teams up with our community partners in order to bring STEM to life for our Hispanic community. Providing access to resources and the opportunity to have fun while learning can increase the likelihood that our students will choose to enter STEM fields later in life. With an increasing population of young Hispanics and millions more becoming college-aged every year, we can help bring the United States back up to par in the global scientific community.

The advantage of having a two-year college on the Esperanza campus is that our grade school students have a constant exposure to collegiate facilities, instruction, and the opportunity to destigmatize  post-secondary education. That is the advantage of an #EsperanzaEducation.