Esperanza Hosts Private Screening of The 33 & Chilean Miner Jose Henriquez at the Kimmel Center

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In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Esperanza, Inc., Warner Bros. Pictures, and Alcon Entertainment hosted a private screening of the new movie, The 33, which tells the true story of resilience, personal transformation, and triumph of the human spirit when 33 Chilean miners were buried alive 200 stories beneath the surface by the collapse of a gold and copper mine. This private screening was only open to a select group of community leaders, Hispanic clergy, and entrepreneurs in the Greater Philadelphia area as well as Hispanic media.

The event included a screening of the full movie prior to its release on November 13th and a meaningful Q&A session with Jose Henriquez one of the 33 (known as “The Pastor”). When asked during the Q&A session how his life was changed, Henriquez responded, “I think that life changed for all of us. I’ve been travelling and speaking about it for five years, witnessing about the Lord Jesus Christ, because He was the one who raised us up.” To which, the crowd responded with applause as all who witnessed Henriquez’ testimony were inspired at his unwavering faith in the face of extreme hardship.

At its core, this story is about leadership. The whole world watched as an international collaboration of humanitarians, engineers, and faith leaders came together to solve this crisis while 33 men endured more than two months trapped in the earth overcoming internal and external struggle. It is a true testament to what can be done when a multilateral approach is used to preserve human life and dignity. This is why Esperanza, Warner Bros. Pictures, and Alcon Entertainment chose this select group to attend the private screening.

Esperanza is grateful for the opportunity to have shown this film to our community leaders, and we anticipate that its message of hope causes a wave of humanitarian spirit to sweep across the country.

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