Esperanza is Committed to Encouraging Latinos in STEM

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STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) have always been associated with innovation and growth in the United States.  It comes as no surprise that the leaders are concerned with the decrease in the numbers of students and professionals interested in pursuing these fields.  President Obama has expressed that “leadership tomorrow depends on how we educate our students today, especially in science, technology, engineering and math”.

With the population of Hispanics on the rise, some experts believe that the answer to closing the gap of STEM professionals is to involve young Latinos in STEM.  Careers in STEM are both professionally and financially rewarding, providing a great opportunity for social mobility and stability in the Latino community.

Esperanza wants to do our part in encouraging young Latinos to pursue STEM academically and professionally. Both faculty and students from Esperanza Academy Charter School and Esperanza College have been involved in community programs such as the “Star Party”, “Discovering the STEM around you”, “Creation Station”, and “Discovery Day”.

On November 12th, Esperanza Academy Charter Middle and High School is hosting a Noche De Ciencias that will include workshops for student and parents in Electromagnetics, Civil Engineering and Robotics. There will even be a panel of professionals in STEM fields to answer questions and engage in important discussions with students and parents about their work.

Stay tuned for more opportunities from the Esperanza community to learn about and become involved in STEM!