Esperanza Brings the U.S. Naval Academy Opportunity to the Classroom

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For Esperanza Academy, opportunity means being able to provide our students with all possible options allowing them to evaluate their college choices

On November 23rd, the US Naval Academy Blue and Gold Officers joined our classrooms to share about the opportunities presented by the Naval Academy College. Check out the video and discover why the Naval Academy is interested in Latinos.

The U.S. Naval Academy came to Esperanza Academy to give students in grades 8 through 12 some insight into the what it’s like to be an officer and to give them an opportunity to raise some questions as to whether or not the Naval Academy is the right choice for them. This is yet another opportunity for young men and women to get a college education and to serve their country.

“I felt the responsibility that we should bring that message to kids in North Philadelphia, because if they don’t know about it then they won’t consider it as an option,” said Jeremy Gonzales Ibrahim Blue & Gold Admissions Officer at the Navel Academy, “These kids have a unique perspective that is shared by many of the sailors, many of the enlisted, that only they can bring to the fleet. You can’t duplicate this in a lab; you can’t teach this. When they walk through the streets on North Philadelphia, when they get to class in their uniform, when they study hard. Just because they’re poor doesn’t mean they’re not bright; just because they’re disadvantaged doesn’t mean they can’t lead. What they can bring to the fleet no one else can.”