Dr. Carolyn Faulkner-Beitzel

Dr. Faulkner-Beitzel is the Director of Academic Programs for Esperanza Cyber Charter Schools; school leadership, compliance, finance, facilities, and operations; serving over 350 students in grades K-12 and growing. Dr. Faulkner-Beitzel’s 18-year span in education includes teacher, instructional coach, curriculum director, project manager for charter school expansions, and school leader. She has served as a registered nurse before moving to education, where she has taught at several local university teacher education programs. Dr. Faulkner-Beitzel holds a Doctorate in Philosophy and Master’s degrees in education, a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies and as associate’s degree in nursing. She holds the highest education credential as PA Superintendent along with PA Principal. She is passionate about technology, education, and this new digital age in which we live and excited about how these three interests can all connect to prepare teachers and students for success.