Dancing With The Esperanza Stars!

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Although the season of the TV show, “Dancing with The Stars” has come to an end, at Esperanza we are still celebrating our very own dancing season with performance worth of any televised show. The Esperanza Academy dance majors performed last Saturday, May 20 at the Academy auditorium a wide range of styles from Latin Dance, to Contemporary, to Modern, to Ballet.

The students showed in full display their outstanding work and dedication not only performing but also choreographing most of the pieces. “We rehearse every single day since the beginning of the semester. Ballet is not easy, we were always sore the next day but we had to keep going,” junior Karyna Alyssa Rivera said. “We do a lot of training and exercising on the floor, we have to stretch and learn different techniques but still I think it’s all worth it.”

Together the Esperanza Academy Dance Ensemble, Technique I, and Intro to Dance gave the audience a lively and emotional show that brought them onto their feet for a final standing ovation.

See the photo recap below!