Born To Be A Musician

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Most children, if not all, tend to show traits in their developing years pertinent to their talents and abilities. This is the case of 7 years old Samuel Lanciano (Sam) who has shown musical interest since a very young age.

Sam’s parents recall he has always been curious about the way things sound. Ever since he was two years old he would walk around the house tapping his drum sticks against every single surface to see what kind of sound it made. This is what motivated his parents to enroll him at AMLA Latin School for The Performing Arts.

Sam started guitar lessons at AMLA with “Mr. Papo” when he was 4 years old. He has continued his guitar lessons and recently added drums with Mr. Jeff to the mix. His parents also discovered Sam has a “perfect pitch,” a rare gift-but not as rare among children whose musical training begins before the age of 6.

Sam has a very diverse heritage which has also influenced his interest in music. His mom was born in Venezuela to Colombian parents and his dad is Italian- American.

AMLA focuses on youth talent development through Latin music education. Check out this video of Sam performing with his little brother a traditional Hispanic song, “Las Mañanitas,” at AMLA’s 2016 Spring recital.

Sam says music is important because “it makes people happy.” Sam might not know it yet but it is clear he was born to be a musician.