AMLA Makes Latin Music and Culture both Accessible and Exceptional

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Artístas y Músicos Latino Americanos (AMLA) is a non-profit arts and artists’ organization founded in 1982 in North Philadelphia, with a mission to promote, increase, and develop understanding of Latin American music and culture. AMLA was founded by a coalition of 125 Hispanic musicians, and was brought in as a subsidiary of Esperanza in 2006.

AMLA focuses on youth talent development through Latin music education. Since 2006, AMLA has educated hundreds of children, youth and adults of all ages annually, through private and group music lessons. In addition to teaching a variety of musical instruments, AMLA also teaches music theory and audio engineering.

Our adult and youth Latin Jazz Ensembles performed throughout the city for a variety of events, and have performed at such venues as the Kimmel Center and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Every year, AMLA draws crowds of thousands to its outdoor music festival in Hunting Park.

In recent years, AMLA has expanded its impact by coordinating artists’ residency programs in local area public schools.

At AMLA, we don’t just create great musicians, we create advocates of Latin music and culture, making it both accessible and exceptional.

Learn more by visiting www.amla.org! If you have any questions about registration, call today! (215) 324-0746 ext. 225