God in the City Book


God in the City
Connecting with God in the Urban Context,
A 30-Day Devotional for Youth and Young Adults

In a user-friendly format, the Esperanza Youth Leadership Institute (EYLI) has created a practical format for youth and young adults to practice one or more spiritual disciplines. God in the City is a devotional and a journal for city folk. One of the aims of this tool is for the reader, observer, and writer to see and appreciate God through the beauty of the city. EYLI believes that God can be seen, and His presence can be sensed, through some of the city’s toughest neighborhoods as well as its people. They designed this resource less as a narrative or written short story as most devotionals are designed, and more as a pictorial prompt, in order to encourage those who are more visual to discern the presence of God in a more artistic way. Using less common Bible passages, its references, and a positive lens of the city, this will be a spiritual resource for years to come.