Esperanza Immigration Legal Services (EILS),a non-profit 501(c)3was formed in 2009 with the mission to provide direct legal services, advocacy, and community education for underserved immigrants and their families so they have the opportunity to contribute to and participate in American society.  

EILS is located in Hunting Park, the heart of Latino North Philadelphia. We offer convenient, affordable, and bilingual services tprimarily low-income immigrants. The map below demonstrates the location of other immigration legal services providers within the City of Philadelphia father south. EILS’ location ensures improved accessibility for those near to us seeking services and hope to those who need it most. 

EILS was established by Esperanza as part of its mission to strengthen Hispanic communities. It is a key facet of Esperanza’s commitment to forging an “opportunity community” in North Philadelphia – a place where all aspire to live. While Esperanza has historically worked to support the passage of comprehensive immigration reform nationally, EILS directly addresses the need for direct legal assistance on the ground. 


Our staff speakEnglish, Spanish, Malayalam, and Arabic.Services are delivered in person or via remote format following safety protocols. 

  • Legal services, including naturalization, green card renewaland applications,Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) renewals, family petitions and humanitarian forms of relief.   
  • Bilingualworkshopson topics such as financial literacy,immigration myths and misconceptions,preparation for emergency situations, and more. Events are shared on our Facebook page
  • Citizenship classes to prepare eligible candidates for the citizenship exam. 
  • Limited financial assistance for application fees and basic needs as funds allow. 

To access our services, email us at eils@esperanza.us or call (347) 719-1402. 


Since its founding, EILS has serviced over 1,500 immigrants through educational workshops, direct legal services, consultations and referrals. Immigrants served by EILS are well-supported to overcome critical barriers to becoming U.S. Citizens and seeking other relief – such as language barriers, economic barriers, personalized support with medical waivers and more. 

The trust that we have established at the local level has been a key driver of EILS’ impact and success. The majority of EILS’ approximately 150 clients per year reach us as a result of word of mouth recommendations or direct referrals. 

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EILS is a member of The New Americans Campaign and the Philadelphia Citizenship Action Network. Our attorneys are members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and ASISTA, Philadelphia Bar Association. We partner extensively with other immigration and related legal services providers throughout Philadelphia. In addition, EILS clients benefit from warm handoffs and referrals to a range of Esperanza programs delivered on our main campus, from the Esperanza English Institute, to workforce development, to housing counseling, to K-14 education and more. 

The following are just a few of our partners: 


EILS wishes to thank the following foundations for their support: 

Allen Hilles Fund
Barra Foundation
Connelly Foundation
Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation
The Douty Foundation
Samuel S. Fels Fund
HIAS & Council Migration Services
Hoxie Harrison Smith Foundation
The Independence Foundation
PA Is Ready! 
Patricia Kind Family Foundation
Pennsylvania Immigration & Citizenship Coalition
Philadelphia Bar Foundation
The Philadelphia Foundation
The Thomas Skelton Harrison Foundation