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Esperanza National Programs

We empower the Hispanic faith community around the country.

We maintain a diverse national network of over 13,000 Hispanic clergy and lay leaders, congregations, and nonprofits, and work with them to strengthen the Hispanic community throughout the United States.

We know Hispanic churches and nonprofits are working hard in their respective locations and ministries, trying to make a positive difference just like we are.  We come alongside church leadership and laity, contributing our skills and resources to help equip and strengthen them, posturing the Hispanic faith community for even greater success.  We also serve as a national intermediary providing sub-grant funds to help Hispanic nonprofits grow.  Some of our past and current program areas have included housing counseling, mentoring, teen pregnancy prevention, immigration reform, healthy marriage training, HIV/AIDS education, climate change education, Mujeres de Esperanza women’s ministry, and more.

Each of these different programs is designed to meet the existing needs of the church in the following areas:

  1. Strengthening the Leadership and Congregation
  2. Supporting the Church’s Outreach to the Community
  3. Building the Church Administrative Capacity
  4. Fostering the Church’s Stewardship on a Global Level

In the past 12 years, we have sub-granted over $13 million to over 500 Hispanic churches and nonprofits, and have helped create positive impact for thousands of families.

To read more about our National Programs, please visit our Spanish-language Ministerios de Esperanza site.