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COR_corridorNeighborhood Plan

In 2011, Esperanza was funded by the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation to create a ten-year, comprehensive neighborhood revitalization plan. We have a vision for the long-term future, and we picture our community looking very different –physically, socially, and economically – ten, twenty, or fifty years from now! We’re committed to steadily making progress in the development of our neighborhood, and the revitalization plan provides a blueprint for us to follow for the next ten years.

After an initial twelve-month process of collecting community data, gathering feedback through surveys and focus groups, and forming taskforces with community residents and other key partners,
we drafted our Hunting Park Neighborhood Plan 2022.

The plan addresses areas such as:

  • Building Community Pride and Spirit
  • Improving Safety and Public Amenities
  • Creating a Culture of Educational Achievement
  • Transforming the North 5th St. Streetscape

…and more! We are now in our second year of implementation of the plan.