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In 2008, to further promote the economic revitalization and growth of our neighborhood, we launched the 5th Street Business Corridor Management program. The program is designed to support existing business owners as well as develop new businesses in our neighborhood. We formed the Hunting Park Business Association, which now has over 65 active members. Through the Association, we provide capacity-building consultation and coaching, training, marketing support, assistance with tax-related and legal matters, and fundraising assistance. We have been especially successful in helping our local business owners raise money for façade renovations, file their taxes, and market their products and services. Last year, we began a “Spend Local” campaign that features monthly deals and discounts for neighborhood businesses. We’re also expanding our program to serve Wyoming Ave., an adjacent business corridor within our target service area. Over the years, we have built and attracted new businesses to our commercial corridor, and it’s our long-term goal to make North 5th Street in Hunting Park a cultural destination for shoppers from all over the city!