Welcome to Esperanza!

Who we are: Esperanza is one of the largest Hispanic Faith-Based Evangelical networks in the United States. With a national network of 12,000 faith and community-based agencies, Esperanza is one of the leading voices for Hispanics in America.  READ MORE

What we do: Esperanza’s core focus has always been to provide Hispanics with services that accurately reflect their need, build ownership and provide opportunities to gain assets for long-term change. Esperanza’s vision for strong Hispanic communities is realized through the following key areas of work:

Esperanza advocates at the national level for change in the issues of importance to the Latino community, such as immigration and climate change. They have a platform at the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast & Conference each year, where we connect Hispanic clergy and leaders to policy makers. Support our issues or attend the Conference!

Capacity Building
Through our capacity building programs, Esperanza strengthens other Latino led and serving non-profits throughout the nation. We offer training, technical assistance, and grant funds.

Workforce Development
Esperanza equips individuals to overcome personal, financial, linguistic and educational barriers to employment. A full complement of services helps individuals in Philadelphia obtain and retain work. We have also had national success working with youth who have emerged from or are at risk of entering the prison system. READ MORE

Esperanza provides students of various ages in Philadelphia with quality education that is affordable, addresses language needs, celebrates Latin arts, and forges pathways to professional careers and higher education. READ MORE

Community Development
Esperanza transforms the Hunting Park neighborhood of North Philadelphia with an assortment of services. We serve small business owners, renters, potential homeowners, and those at risk of foreclosure while increasing the available stock of safe, affordable housing. READ MORE

Health Initiatives
Hispanic people are more likely than other groups to encounter problems accessing timely and necessary health care. Esperanza is a stalwart supporter of policies that promote access to quality healthcare… READ MORE

Mujeres de Esperanza 
A national woman’s ministry of Esperanza, brings together women of multiple generations in prayer and service, in order to transform our nation through their active role in leadership. READ MORE





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