Our Mission | Esperanza


Our Mission

Driven by the biblical mandate to serve the “least of these” (Matt. 25:40), we strengthen Hispanic communities. We carry out this mission through a variety of programs and services that are all designed to empower people through education, economic development, and advocacy.

Our Values: We believe character produces impact.

Our work is based in FAITH.

• We desire to show God’s love by providing humble, compassionate, sacrificial service.
• We believe in the transformative power of Jesus Christ that effects change and provides uplifting hope to the “least of these,” the underserved and marginalized in our community.

We value our INTEGRITY.

• We manage our operations honestly and with the highest ethical standards.
• We treat clients, employees, and all stakeholders with respect and trust.
• We exercise responsible stewardship of the resources entrusted to us.
• We exert our influence in the pursuit of justice.

We uphold the highest standard of EXCELLENCE.

• We provide quality programs and service, and we invest in their continuous improvement.
• We see mission-driven people and promote their development in an environment where they can excel.